About me

I’m just like you…

When I got into my late 40s there was one topic of conversation that kept popping up when chatting to friends or clients.

The Menopause.

The thing was, there was no avoiding it’s symptoms both physical and emotional but I just couldn’t relate to the stereotype of the “older woman”.

All of my friends were still young (despite our age) and as vibrant as ever, interested in beauty and fashion, we just didn’t relate to typical portrayals in the media.

It didn’t help that there was very little helpful information out there but thank goodness that is getting better.

Due to my own personal health problems I was unable to use HRT and so had to look to alternative and natural solutions to help me.

Over time, I found a few different products that helped me personally and decided to curate them on one platform that I could easily direct my friends and clients to with the aim of helping them in the same way these products have helped me.