What will be the best Menopause Supplements for me?

The current market is so wide for menopause supplements that it can be almost overwhelming to try and discover which are the best for you. So how are you meant to narrow it down?

The majority of women will experience menopausal symptoms in their lifetime. Some may be quite severe and have a significant impact on everyday activities. The typical view of a middle-aged woman experiencing hot flushes might not seem like a big deal from an outside perspective, but once you are experiencing night sweats, unable to sleep, and have kids to get to school first thing and a full day at work, you will understand the struggle.

Identifying what symptoms affect you is the best way to narrow down your options for supplements.

One symptom can be exhaustion and fatigue which is caused by the hormone imbalances which occur. In particular, oestrogen fluctuates throughout the menopause and when it reaches a low point women can suffer with fatigue.

Many women of perimenopausal and menopausal age are diagnosed with low mood, anxiety, depression, and even problems with memory and concentration – often described as brain fog. On occasion, doctors will even prescribe anti-depressants to assist with these low moods. This, as well, can be due to the levels of fatigue caused by the menopause as symptoms such as memory lapses can cause the stress which can lead to exhaustion.

Another symptom is vaginal dryness leading to discomfort during sex, as well as low libido and reduced sex drive. Obviously, this can heavily impact on relationships and reduce quality of life.

However, there are alternatives, and many women find symptoms of the menopause can all but disappear with the help of HRT, typically prescribed once they have discussed it with their doctor.

But what can you do if you don’t want to, or can’t, take HRT?

Well, this is where natural supplements can help. The unique blends of isoflavones, vitamins, minerals, and synergistic herb food supplements can all contribute to the regulation of hormonal activity, normal fertility and reproduction, energy levels, and the normal function of the immune system. They can also protect cells against oxidative stress, as well as much more.

So what do we recommend?

  • Pukka herbs – Womenkind Menopause supplement
    • Vitamin B for hormonal balance
    • Vitamin D for bone health
    • Turmeric root which helps stimulate the body’s oestrogen activities
  • Glo’mazing – The M Plan
    • Vitamin B6 for hormonal balance and serotonin levels
    • Pfaffia powder helps regulate female hormone levels
    • Red clover which can help promote oestrogen effects
  • Vitabiotics – Menopace
    • Vitamin B12 contributing to normal energy release
    • Biotin for skin health
    • Zinc for hair health

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